We can acquire all of the models for your army to save you time and the hassle of having your minis shipped to you before shipping them to us. Please bear in mind that some miniatures are hard to find and may take longer to find a source or get them back in stock.

Army Building:

When commissioning an army for more popular games, we are always happy to build, or help build, an army list that is fun, competitive and as always full of great looking models. If you are unsure we can tailor a list to your play-style or work with you to add on to an existing force.


We are also happy to assemble any models that you are having us paint for you for a small fee. Be aware that some models are more complicated to assemble, like vehicles, and will cost slightly more than others to assemble.


We love doing conversions.  They are the spice of gaming life.  Don’t let your minis look exactly the same as everyone else’s.   Ask about a specific conversion idea or just give us a budget on your project and we will pack as much conversion goodness into your project as we can.