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Changes in Shipping

As some of our return customers may notice, we are now charging shipping on orders under $75.  We have offered free shipping on domestic US orders up to this point and while we hate to change that, we have some good reasons and good news to go along with that.

The Reasons: We have found that becasue of the weight of certain individual items, it is not sustainable to ship them for free as a single item to certain regions in the US. We are also launching a new section in the store in the coming weeks where we will be selling models from other companies.  Because of the smaller profit margin on such items, we want to ensure that we can sell them without fear of loosing money on small transactions.

The Good News: Because we are charging shipping for US orders we can lower the price on many items in the store.  Because we are not worried about the sometimes unpredictable combination of weight, cost, and distance playing havoc with the profit margins of small orders we are more free to price things based on pure cut time and materials. We will no longer have to factor the weight of the product into the base price.  With many prices going down and free shipping in the US still available, orders reaching the $75 minimum should actually be less expensive per product on average.

Essentially, this is our attempt to make our pricing fair and hopefully more economical for us and all of our customers.

Thank you,

Austin Thompson