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Imperial Firebase HQ Building

Gather the 4 main walls

Slot the walls above together

Slot the remaining walls below together as shown above

Locate the top

Glue the top onto the wall pegs as shown above

Gather all of the wall strut parts

NOTE: Optional Constructions Info

You can glue the vertical struts into each pair of vertical slots around the building, but you can choose to create an armored entryway by gluing the barricade struts in the pace of 2 of the normal struts. 

Optional armored struts.

Glue the base in from the bottom of the armored struts.

Gather 8 wall studs

Glue the studs into the walls of the armored entry way.

Glue the wall struts into the remaining vertical slot pairs around the building.

Gather parts for the hatch, ladder and vent fan

Glue hatches onto the 3 hatch outlines around the building

Glue ladder rungs into the 2 ladder areas

Glue fan blades onto the 2 vent fan outlines on the building

Glue the fan rousing ring in top of each fan blade as shown above

For each “X” shape on the building gather these parts

NOTE: These parts a rather precise fit. We recommend using white glue (PVA) for a little longer work time, at least for the first few until you get the hang of it. If you use superglue, we recommend doing the next 3 steps in quick succession so that you can move and fit the pieces more easily.

Glue cross members into each of the “X” slots

Glue the center into the “X”

Each corner gets one of the corner cap pieces.  Make sure the detail is on the outside.

Gather the upper barricade parts.  NOTE: You can leave these off for easier painting and attach after painting.

Glue the barricades into the 3 pairs of slots on top.  Then glue in wall studs to each of the slots in the barricades as shown above.

You’re all done!

Prime with Rust-o-leum Profesional Enamel flat black and paint as normal with hobby paints.