Brush 4 Hire is here to make your life easier with a variety of end-to-end offerings to get you playing your favorite games with the army of your dreams.

  • Painting: We will paint any army with colors of your choice.  We can even color match to existing models upon request.  Read More
  • Building: We can expertly assemble models of all types and sizes.  Our years of experience mean that your models will be free of defects and any problems fixed before painting. Read More
  • Basing: Every miniature deserves a decent place to stand.  We can do it all, from simple flocking, to intricate bases for special characters and even custom resin bases for an entire army. Read More
  • Terrain: One of our favorite parts of wargaming is the tabletop.  Making terrain is an area we pride ourselves in especially.  We make custom terrain as well as mass produced laser cut kits.  We can even make custom laser cut terrain upon request. Check out some of our kits here or drop us a line and inquire about a custom job.
  • Request a price quote: One of our core services is commission painting of models.  Fill out our request form and we will send you a quote.  Feel free to bring even half an idea and we will help you design the rest of your project.  Read More