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Shattered Landscape: Downtown

These instructions are generic for all buildings in this set.

Locate the 2 walls and the bottom (largest) floor section.

*Optional: use a hobby/utility knife and shave down the “broke” edges of the walls to make them look more like they are fractured.

Shaving down the walls will leave you with an effect like this.

You can do the same optional shaving down on the floor tile too.

Glue the two walls together.  These can be reversed for each kit so that you aren’t building as many multiples of the same profile building.

Put a little glue around the flat edge of the base and slide it into the corner of the walls so that everything is flat with the bottom.

Locate the upper floor tabs

Glue them in place so that the tabs protrude into the building.  These will be our guides for the upper floors.

Locate the window frames.

Glue the window frames on top and bottom of each window. 

Some sheets have partial window frames for walls with a break in the window, but you can always cut a full window frame to the size you need with a hobby knife or clippers.

Pilasters are attached to the outside of the building to add depth.  You may want to generally match up some of these pieces that you want to use on your building before you start gluing.  These parts are universal throughout the bundle, so feel free to grab and swap from any of the sheets.

Glue the pilasters in place so that they notch with the window frames.  Optionally, you can do the shaving we did ion the walls to these as well to create an even more ruined effect.

Now let’s glue the upper floors in.  Buildings have 1-2 upper floors depending on size.  We recommend applying glue to the edges that make the corner of the upper floor and some on the tabs we put into the walls earlier.

Kits include, wooden beams that can be used as floor joists. Alternatively, you can use them as debris or board up windows. 

You can see it here as a floor joist.  And that is the last step.

Post construction, we recommend using Rust-o-leum professional enamel flat black as the primer.  2 good coats should get enough coverage. Then paint with whatever spray-paint or acrylic colors you like.

Thank you and Happy Wargaming.