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Strider’s Landing Energy Turret Instructions

Gather these parts first

Slot the core pieces together as shown

Slot the inner plates with the support rails into place as shown

Gather these parts next

Glue the first cap plate in place on the pegs on top

Glue the next top plate on, also on the same pegs

Glue the final cap plate on so that the forward facing slots line up as shown

Glue detail rails in place in the previously mentioned slots

Glue the bottom plate on.

Though not photographed, glue on the ring with the internal points that matches the engraving on the bottom lined up with the engraved lines.

Glue the larger detail plates with the stripes on both sides as shown

Glue the smaller hollow plates on top of the previous ones on both sides

Glue the rear plate onto the pegs on the back

Gather these arced pieces next

Glue the three with the pegs together as shown with all of the pegs matching up exactly

Glue that tripped arc into the center of the front plate between the gun mount ovals

Glue the remaining arcs on the outside of the gun housing as shown

Gather up all heat sink fins

Before gluing, test fit the alternating stack of fins from the previous step into the rectangular slot across the back plate. Sand or slice away the sides of the opening as needed for a snug fit.  MDF occasionally has slight variances and it multiplies in a large stack such as this.

Gather these parts for the raised stand.  This Part is optional as the run can be placed flat into the final base if desired.

Glue the wedges into the round base slots and the slots on the cross piece as shown

Gather these parts for the base

Glue the bottom three together as shown with the slots at the ends of the arms lined up 

Glue the upper two cog pieces on the center of the previous step as shown

Gather up the lugs

Glue each into the holes at the end of the arms of the base

Glue the resin barrels into the oval slots in the front

You’re all done!

Prime with Rust-o-leum Profesional Enamel flat black and paint as normal with hobby paints.