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Our latest expansion, Steel Rift: Close Quarters, delves deep into the thrilling realm of close combat! This expansion brings a whole new dimension to the game, adding a layer of excitement and challenge for players looking to test their tactical skills in up-close encounters.


The brand new addition to the Steel Rift lineup are the enigmatic Knight Watch. Pick up these great new sculpts today and learn about them and their potent new close range weapons in the new expansion Steel Rift: Close Quarters.

We are now producing the fantastic 6mm Hextech terrain designed by Thunderhead Studio! Our first two sets in the lineup are Drop Base Delta and Fluid Works. Come see the new bundle sets we’ve put together.

Miniature Terrain

Game Like You Mean It

With years of design and manufacturing experience, we bring you well-made, fun and functional terrain and accessories that look great and won’t break the bank. 

Our modular terrain system built into many of our sets lets you rearrange and reconfigure your whole setup quickly between games meaning your setup is always fresh and new.