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12 Days Event

Hey there Wargamers,

We are planning to revitalize our video content and bring you a more consistent stream of tutorials and game-play segments.  We’ve recently invested in building some studio space in part of our building and are working to get all of our team involved in some fun content.  As we iron our all the details and technical aspects, Justin and I (Austin) are working on a fun series of tutorials that we are calling the 12 Days of Christmas event.

The 12 Days event will get kicked off this upcoming week and we plan to release a new tutorial every day for 12 days.  Each will be a hobby tutorial focusing on some different techniques, painting goals and challenge parameters.  Any of our products we use in these tutorials will be on sale during the 12 days (actually they are already on sale now) so that you can try your hand at the techniques in the tutorials yourself for a little less.

You can support our video efforts, by picking up some of the products from the tutorials during the event, sharing our videos with friends or just tuning in to spend some time with us.  See more details about the sale products on the 12 Days page.

Thank you all for the amazing support you give us.  We hope you join us for the event in talking shop about our hobby and our favorite games.


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