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With its fast, fun gameplay and an ever-expanding line of awesome miniatures, it’s the perfect time to introduce Steel Rift to your game group.

Do you like kitbashing? Customizing? Making strange, unique mechs?

Grab a classified HE-V. 

Classified HE-Vs are made of random parts from across our mech miniatures range. You’re guaranteed to get a complete model, but who knows what parts or even weight class it will be. 

Play other 6-10mm sci-fi games like Battletech? Bigs savings are in effect! Check out our full Solar Shift range of tanks, infantry, VTOLs, and a heap of New Releases.

Looking for something other than Miniatures? There’s still plenty of saving to be had. Spend more to save BIG on Terrain, Basing, Stencils and more.

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