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Bunker Door [Bolt Hole]

Gather these parts

Slot the front, back and sides together.  Make sure that all the detailed sides are facing out.

Slot the walls and sides into the bottom plate (details up) and the top plate as shown.

Glue on detail plates on top of the cap plate.  These plates should not cover up the opening for the door to drop in later.

Gather the parts for the door

Glue the front and back of the door core together (details facing out)

Glue the front and back onto the previous step keeping the notches at the top lined up and the circle in the center lined up with the engravings on the part from the previous step

Glue the spacers onto the top keeping the notches lined up

Now glue the door assembly notch into the hole in the remaining detail plate part

Do NOT glue the door into the frame.  It is intended to be removable

Some of the early kits have spacers that are just a bit too long and hold the door up from seating all the way.

If your kit has this issue, you can fix this easily by slicing off a small section of the spacer until it fits.

It should look like this when it fits correctly

Glue the Front and back detail panels on, matching them to the openings on either side.  They are identical and interchangeable

Glue in the buttresses into the vertical slots as shown above

Glue in the horizontal bar between the edge and the buttress from the previous step

NOTE: These parts a rather precise fit. We recommend using white glue (PVA) for a little longer work time, at least for the first few until you get the hang of it. If you use superglue, we recommend doing the next 3 steps in quick succession so that you can move and fit the pieces more easily.

Glue in the cross bars into the “X” pattern on each of the areas flanking the door

Glue the hub into the center of each “X”

Glue in the corners of the “X” as shown above

Glue in the center of the light fixtures

Glue in the outer ring of the light fixtures

You’re all done!

Prime with Rust-o-leum Profesional Enamel flat black and paint as normal with hobby paints.