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Control Console [Bolt Hole]

Gather these parts to begin

Glue the front and back into the side panels.  Make sure that the extensions on the sides and the plate with the slots in it are facing the same direction.

Locate these struts

Glue struts into the slots in the front panel

Locate these runners

Glue the wider rail with the engraving in from the bottom of the struts.  Glue the thinner rail in on the front of the struts.

Glue the lower panel frame as shown in the picture above

You have a variety of options for upper and lower inserts for your control station.  Mix, match and flip these inserts to come up with loads of combinations

If you plan to use one of the screens, a great way to add surface variation is to recess the screen.  This can be done by splitting the screen as shown in the picture above.  Be careful using a sharp blade to accomplish this.

Glue your selection of panels into the upper and lower recesses.

You’re all done!

Prime with Rust-o-leum Profesional Enamel flat black and paint as normal with hobby paints.