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BSA Hex Hub Assembly Instructions

Collect the parts for the top deck and the center column verticals.

With the top deck details facing down, glue the column walls into the slots in the center of the top deck.

Locate the base.

Glue the tabs at the bottom of the column slats into the notches around the hexagonal hole in the center of the base.

It should look like this when you flit it back over.

The column has 6 buttresses. Insert them at an angle into the slots around the central hole in the base.

Rotate the buttress up so that the tab on the inside fits into the notch on the corner of the vertical slats.

Do this for all 6 buttresses.

Gather 6 wall segments as shown above.

Glue each segment onto the tab on each edge of the top deck.

Glue the rest of the wall segment onto the top deck.

Glue the wall caps connecting the walls together at the corner.

Warning! Do NOT glue the wall segments into the platform. 

They are meant to be removable so that modular accessories can be attached.

Each removable wall is made of the 2 pieces as shown above.

Glue the wall segments together as shown above.

Modular wall segments slot into each side of the hub.