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BSA Large Hex Hub Assembly Instructions

This kit is made entirely of MDF and can be assembled with PVA (white glue) or superglue.

Gather these parts.

Flip the top deck face down and glue each of the vertical column pieces into the slots from underneath facing out.

Glue on base as show.

Once it is flipped right side up it should look like this.

The column has 6 buttresses. Insert them at an angle into the slots around the central hole in the base.

Rotate the buttress up so that the tab on the inside fits into the notch on the corner of the vertical slats.

Glue in the remaining buttresses.

There are 2 types of wall segments: Narrow (top) and Wide (bottom)

Glue the 3 narrow and 3 wide wall segments onto the edges of the top deck using alternating sizes as you go around.

It should end up looking like this.

Gather the 6 wall cap pieces.

Glue the wall caps connecting the walls together at the corner.

Warning! Do NOT glue the wall segments into the platform. 

They are meant to be removable so that modular accessories can be attached.

Each removable wall is made of the 2 pieces as shown above. (3 wide and 3 narrow walls)

Glue the wall segments together as shown above.

Slot modular wall sements (DO NOT GLUE) into each side.