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BSA Promethium Refinery Tower Assembly Instructions

This kit is made entirely of MDF and can be assembled with PVA (white glue) or superglue.

Gather these parts. Lay the vertical slats out so that the pattern is continued between parts.

Insert the vertical slats into the center hole of the platform as shown. It will slot into the middle notches on the vertical slats.

It should like this when they are all in place.

Slot the next platform as shown above. Note that the orientation of the next platform will determine where the ladders will attach.

Locate the base plate.

Glue the base plate onto the bottom of the column.

Insert one of the first floor buttresses on at an angle.

Rotate the buttress into position so that the peg lines up with the notches in the column.

Glue the rest of the buttresses in place.

The second floor buttresses are slightly different from the buttresses on the upper two floors. Gather 6 of the buttresses shown above.

Glue those buttresses in place.

Each of the platforms have 5 wall pieces.

Glue each of the wall segments in place as shown above. The ones adjacent to the gap will be L-shaped instead of U-shaped.

Attach the rest of the wall segments.

Glue the wall caps connecting the walls together at the corner.

The ladders can be glued in now or left to paint and then assemble afterwards.

Gather these parts. Notice that one platform has 6 buttress holes and the other does not. The one with the holes is the 3rd floor and the other is the 4th.

Slot the vertical slat into the inside of the platform holes. Line it us so that it covers the upward pointing triangles. Note that the orientation of the next platform will determine where the ladders will attach.

Once they are all in it should look like this.

Cap the column with the grate piece.

This is the base for the upper tower.

Glue the column into the base.

Glue in buttresses on both floors.

There are 6 lights around the top. Each is made of these two pieces.

Insert the peg into the hole at the top of the tower.

Glue oval ring around peg from previous step.

Add ladders now or after painting.

Warning! Do NOT glue the wall segments into the tower. 

They are meant to be removable so that modular accessories can be attached.

Each removable wall is made of the 2 pieces as shown above.

Glue the wall segments together as shown above.

Glue the upper portion onto the base section and it is complete.