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Narrow Door Assembly Instructions [Deadbolt’s Derelict]

Gather these parts first

Flip one of the door opening plates up side down and slide the end walls onto it as shown above

Slide the other door opening plate on the other side of the end walls with both sides showing the detail facing out

Glue the base plate onto the bottom of the assembly so far

Flip it over and glue the rim onto the top

Gather two of each of the grate pieces from your parts sheet

On each side, matching up with the engraved circle, glue down the grate and then the rivet ring on top

Now gather the parts above to make the removable door

Glue the two door surface plates back to back with the detail showing. Make sure that they are lined up as closely as possible

Apply glue and slide the tall “U” shaped bars down into the slot on your door. Ensure that the door and the bars flush on top and bottom.

Gather 8 of the narrow door ribs.  Note: These may look the same as the ribs from other Deadbolt’s Derelict kits, but they are a unique size to this kit.

Glue the ribs into the slots on both sides of the door

Glue the top plate onto the door


Now your door can drop into the frame

You’re all done!

Prime with Rust-o-leum Profesional Enamel flat black and paint as normal with hobby paints.