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Short Walls Assembly Instructions [Deadbolt’s Derelict]

Gather these parts

Slide the cross-members onto one of the wall segments as shown above. Make sure to put the detailed piece on the side with no hooks.

Slide both walls and both cross members together as show above.

Grating details on the non-hook side

Find the base and top

Glue the base and top on the wall assembly

Gather these parts for each of the X’s.  For this wall piece you’ll have 2 (One on each side)

NOTE: These parts a rather precise fit. We recommend using white glue (PVA) for a little longer work time, at least for the first few until you get the hang of it. If you use superglue, we recommend doing the next 3 steps in quick succession so that you can move and fit the pieces more easily.

Glue one of the ribbed pieces into each of the arms of the “X”.  Be careful not to come in at an angle or you may accidentally drop the piece into the cavity in the middle of the wall.

Glue the center of each “X” in place.

Glue the corners into each of the X’s

You’re all done!