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Summer Gaming is in Full Swing

July 4th Sale

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Limited Release Preview Model

Codename: Devil Dog

On Orders of $75 or more

The Devil Dog preview model comes with a 40mm Steel Rift base and a sprue of Steel Rift Weapon Inserts. This HE-V model is a Heavy weight class and does require basic assembly tools and comes unpainted.

What’s Hot this Summer

The 123GT 10th Edition terrain provides a great set of terrain perfect for the at-home gamer and event organizer alike. It’s a fantastic set to get started with or add an extra table to your collection. This set is also compatible with the Leviathan Tournament Companion and perfect for tournament prep for all your summer 40K events.

Steel Rift is BIGGER and BETTER than ever. With the new, hard-hitting melee expansion, Close Quarters, combat is even faster, deadlier and more exciting! Check out Steel Rift: Close Quartes and pick up the new Knight Watch faction box. Or, just snag some some melee weapons packs and get any army ready for a brawl.

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