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Big Bad 


Now – Monday

We could all use a change of scenery, even if we’re staying home.

Save Big Storewide

It’s been a weird year so far and we are already headed into the fall.  With more of us staying out of the local shops for game day and rolling dice at home, who couldn’t use some beautiful terrain to spruce up your personal table.

Stock up on exciting kits to work on as we get into the cooler months. Whatever your project is, get it started here today and save some cash in the process.

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The Big One

The special Launch Bundle for a full table of Necropolis terrain at this “early-bird” price is going to be a limited availability set. Pick yours up before they’re gone. Don’t worry though, all the components in this bundle are available in individual sets.

New Bases and Stencils

Indomitus Compatible Base Insert Packs

New bundles of inserts to cover all your bases for the new edition starter box.  3 Styles available for these basing packs as well as just getting the half you need if you split the box with a friend.

New Marble Vein Stencils

Use the Marble Vein Shield and Grunge Shield to create vibrant, interesting stone textures that look like they took forever, in just a few minutes.

Blast some paint onto your terrain and bases and be ready for game-time in no time.


Take advantage of our modular terrain system. Get creative! Mix and match components from these sets to make something truly unique.

Have questions or need help picking out products for your project?

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