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The New


A Megalithic Overhaul

Many years ago we produced the original Necropolis terrain line.  In the half decade since then, we have made massive strides in design and production techniques leading to a massive re-imagining of the Necropolis line.  The product is this massive and beautiful new modular set.

Rearrange infinitely and mix with our massive catalog of other modular terrain lines.  Come up with wild combinations and make the perfect table for whatever game you play.

The Big One

The Necropolis Table Bundle is chock-full of massive, modular buildings ready reconfigure on the fly for a fresh feel every game. From its imposing stature to the eye-catching clear, acrylic components, you’ll be stoked to set the scene with this terrain and impress the heck out of your gaming group.

Or Make Something Custom

Don’t see precisely the combo you’re looking for or want to add some of the new Necropolis parts to your existing DRD modular terrain collection? Pick up the base buildings and parts packs you want to make your own custom building. 

What Else is New?

Indomitus Compatible Base Insert Packs

New bundles of inserts to cover all your bases for the new edition starter box.  3 Styles available for these basing packs as well as just getting the half you need if you split the box with a friend.

New Marble Vein Stencils

Use the Marble Vein Shield and Grunge Shield to create vibrant, interesting stone textures that look like they took forever, in just a few minutes.

Blast some paint onto your terrain and bases and be ready for game-time in no time.


Mixing Necropolis in with another set is just a different paint-job away.  Get creative and mix and match with components from these other sets to make something truly unique.

Have questions or need help picking out products for your project?

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