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Sushi Shack Instructions

Gather these parts to create the back plate

Glue the hook rails into the slots on the side of the back panel.

Gather these parts next

Glue sidewalls slotted into the rear wall as shown

Glue the previous assembly slotted into the base plate and the front of the counter onto the ends of sides.  Gluing this together at the same time allows you to slot the front of the counter into the base as well and make sure the sides are glued onto the correct part of the base.

Glue the door frame and window frame onto the back wall. Each will be in the correct position if they are flush against the side wall and touching the floor at the bottom.

Glue in the lower counter piece

Glue in the upper counter

Locate the 3 roof pieces and glue them in place from the bottom up. 

Make sure that the one with the slots in the center is in the middle position as shown.

Glue in the roof peak as shown

Glue the sign stands into the roof slots

Glue this assembly into the slots on the backer plate from the beginning

Gather up parts for the counter stools

Glue the bases of the stools into the slots on the front of the counter ans the floor below. 

Glue stool seats onto the bases from the previous step

Once painted, add acrylic sign.  You may wish to leave acrylic sign unglued for ease of transport or to swap with other signs in the future.

You’re all done!

Prime with Rust-o-leum Profesional Enamel flat black and paint as normal with hobby paints.