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New 3d Printed Terrain and STLs for

Hex City

A Leap into the Future

For a long time, we have stayed completely in the lane of laser-cut terrain and accessories.  While 3D printing is not a new thing, it is a new thing for our products.  We have used 3D printing over the years for small add-on parts and tons of personal projects, but now, we are bringing it center stage in our terrain line-up.  We are also, planning to produce resin models, terrain kit-bash packs, and scatter terrain in a variety of scales.

Hex City is our 6-10mm line that is perfect for games like Battletech and Adeptus Titanicus and is an easy was to add variety to your table or start a new one.  

Classic or Hexless

On Base

If you’re playing on a classic hex map or a fancy new hex neoprene mat, these are the right fit for your game.  Classics like Battletech feel right at home in Hex City’s futuristic industrial landscape and with a 1.25” hex, it works seamlessly with your existing mats and model bases.

Free Range

With loads of 6-10mm scifi games like Adeuptus Titanicus and Dropzone Commander on the market, the non-based version of Hex City allow you to integrate your buildings into more scenic mats or put them of your own custom bases to match the rest of your terrain.

Print at Home

The other major leap forward that 3D printing allows is the opportunity to print at home.  We are going to be selling 3D printable STLs for many of our in-house designs.  Forget about, shipping time and costs, import fees, and waiting.  If you have a 3D printer at home, you can pick up some STLs and get going immediately.  Print as much of whichever buildings you like and make the table exactly the way you want. 

Plus for even the novice 3D hobbyist, rescaling and kit-bashing models is a fun and interesting way to get custom parts for your table.

Try it For FREE

Not convinced? Give it a shot with these sample files and see how you like it.  No strings attached. Have fun with these free terrain designs.  We would love your feedback either way.  If you have any questions, just drop us a line.

You can also check out our settings page to get some helpful info on printer settings and filament choice.  We will be adding and updating info as we go to make your printing experience is as fun and straightforward as possible.

Give it a shot today and show us how you did.  Tag us in your posts with @Deathraydesigns on Instagram or Facebook.