Armageddon: Instant Table


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Prepare for battle in Black Site Armageddon.  Its treacherous refinery towers and sprawling catwalks make a network of tactically interesting areas, ambush spots and hiding places for mission objectives. This set is tailored to create a fun an balanced arena for most skirmish or lager mass-battle scifi games.

This set has a little bit of everything and will sprawl out to make an impressive battlefield of any scifi or post-apocalyptic game.  This set covers a 4’x4′ table with moderate density terrain ranging from large line-of-sight blocking towers, to barricade scatter terrain.  Everything is modular, stable and easy to rearrange.

This kit includes the following:

  • 4x Promethium Refinery Towers
  • 4x Armageddon Large Hex Hub
  • 2x Armageddon Hex Hub
  • 4x In-City Shipping Containers
  • 20x Armageddon Barricades
  • 3x Armageddon Short Narrow Bridges
  • 1x Armageddon Long Narrow Bridges
  • 1x Armageddon Short Wide Bridges
  • 1x Armageddon Long Wide Bridges
  • 4x Armageddon Spanner Bridges
  • 1x Sets of Stairs
  • 10x Ladders

These models come unassembled and unpainted.  Normal hobby tools and superglue or white glue are required for assembly. For best results we recommend coating with Rust-Oleum brand professional enamel flat black paint as a primer before painting with other products.

Additional information

Weight 261 oz
Dimensions 11.8 × 11.8 × 4.5 in