Blast Shield: Marble Vein


Use the Marble Vein Shield and Grunge Shield to create vibrant, interesting stone textures that look like they took forever, in just a few minutes.

Just lay down a color, add a little texture with few passes of the grunge shield, and then a bright complimentary color through the vein shield and BOOM, your done. This coupled with some glazes, washes or a little bit of edge highlighting (if your feeling fancy) and and you are sailing past a tabletop standard paint-job without even breaking a sweat.

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Blast Shield stencils are precision-cut oilboard making them a blisteringly fast way to get markings and textures onto your models, terrain, and bases.

This pack includes:

2x 5”x6” Marble Vein Shields w/ organic edges (as shown in the images)
1x 5”x6” Grunge/ Fleck Shield (as shown in the images)

Sturdy: Stiff enough to quickly lift away from your work without inadvertently dragging the stencil through fresh paint.  This also allows you to hold the stencil directly on or hovering above your work to control how sharp the edges of the pattern are.  Holding the shield at an angle also allows you to fade from sharp detail to hazy gradients.

Fast: Because it isn’t adhered to your work, you can work quickly, without having to seal in between layers or even wait for the previous layer to be 100% dry.

While Blast Shields are durable and you should get many uses out of each of them, areas on stencils with particularly narrow opening or extra fine detail may eventually clog with use.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × .05 in