Chaos Stencil Set


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This set is currently being converted to a new material and will be availible in its new form soon.

These Stencils are made of High Quality, Flexible Mylar film.  They are excellent for airbrushing Chaos Icons onto your vehicles and buildings. Mix and match with this set to create your own custom logos and markings for your army.

This set includes a large, medium and small version of each of icons components used to make the icons show in the imaged above as well as a few larger icons well suited for larger areas on the top of tanks and the sides of buildings.  Each pair of design elements is broken out onto it’s own small sheet for ease of use and storage.

Add masking tape to temporarily augment designs and prevent unwanted over-spray.

Product is non-absorbent can be cleaned of acrylic paints with warm water.  Clear off dried or caked on paint with rubbing-alcohol.

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Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × .03 in