Close Quarters Weapon Pack (Heavy/ Ultra-Heavy)


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This set contains:

  • 2x Mega Glaives
  • 2x Tetusbos
  • 2x Combat Blades
  • 2x Plasma Blades
  • 2x Demolition Cutters
  • 2x Impact Hammers
  • Weapon Insert Sprues
    • 2x Arc Gun
    • 2x Harpoon Gun
    • 2x Mag Tether
    • 2x Pulse Salvo
    • 2x Shock Net
  • 2x Shields (2 different sculpts)
  • A Variety of Shield Connectors 
  • 4x Left Hands
  • 4x Right Hands
  • 4x Generic Left Arms
  • 4x Generic Right Arms

Extra weapons arms can easily be drilled and magnetized to offer some on-the-fly weapon exchanges. Great for use with any HE-Vs.

These models are high detail 3D printed resin. Each model supplied unpainted. Basic hobby tools and super glue required. Made for Steel Rift, but also perfect for other 6-10mm Sci-Fi games.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 2 in