Deadbolt’s Derelict: Corridors Bundle V2


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New and Improved

What’s New?

This is the second generation of the Deadbolt’s Derelict family.  While the walls have kept to their classic designs, the columns have gotten some upgrades. The brand new corner notch system allows for more mounting options and board configurations.  Not only will they be compatible with a host of new attachments coming in the future, but also work perfectly with the new Drop-in Decks, included in this bundle.  No more decks with legs.  They pack away easily between games and are far easier to transport safely.  They also allow for decks to be places at any level no matter how tall your building is.  Plus with the addition of ladders you get easy access to upper levels.

What’s Staying the Same?

The walls are staying with the classic design, and while the columns are getting some new functionality, the vast majority of the details will still match your existing collection.  The vents on the columns will still match the stencils in the Warp Strider stencil set.  Furthermore, the texture on the Drop-in Deck matches the existing Deck and Block kits in the Warp Strider line.  And of course, all modular parts are compatible with the original Deadbolt’s Derelict parts and other modular sets we produce.

The Deadbolt’s Derelict: Corridors Bundle include parts to build the following:

  • 18x Corridor Double Wall (1.3″ x 3.7″ x 2.75″)
  • 20x Corridor Single Wall (1.3″ x 2″ x 2.75″)
  • 24x Corridor Columns (2″ x 2″ x 2.75″)
  • 4x V2 Drop-in Decks
  • 4x New Ceres Single Ladders

This bundle is a boatload of terrain, great for Necromunda, Warhammer 40k, This is Not a Test and just about any other sci-fi tabletop.  These walls are sized to fit the Games Workshop Necromunda: Underhive Tile sets and contains enough pieces to set up any of the scenarios maps from the base game.


These models come unassembled and unpainted. Normal hobby tools and superglue or white glue are required for assembly. For best results we recommend Rust-Oleum brand flat black enamel primer for coating before painting.  Miniatures are not included.


Additional information

Weight 160.01 oz
Dimensions 11.7 × 11.7 × 2.31 in