Deadbolt’s Derelict: Corridors Bundle

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“Abandon All Hope…”

The Deadbolt’s Derelict: Corridors Bundle include parts to build the following:

  • 18 Corridor Double Wall (1.3″ x 3.7″ x 2.75″)
  • 20 Corridor Single Wall (1.3″ x 2″ x 2.75″)
  • 24 Corridor Columns (2″ x 2″ x 2.75″)

This bundle is a boatload of terrain, great for Necromunda, Warhammer 40k, This is Not a Test and just about any other sci-fi tabletop.  These walls are sized to fit the Games Workshop Necromunda: Underhive Tile sets and contains enough pieces to set up any of the scenarios maps from the base game.


These models come unassembled and unpainted. Normal hobby tools and superglue or white glue are required for assembly. For best results we recommend Rust-Oleum brand flat black enamel primer for coating before painting.  Miniatures and Necromunda: Underhive Tiles are not included.


Additional information

Weight 160.01 oz
Dimensions 11.7 × 11.7 × 2.31 in

16 reviews for Deadbolt’s Derelict: Corridors Bundle

  1. Irven Keppen Verified Owner

    Fantastic value for the price. You get plenty of pieces and the quality/design of this kit is outstanding. The pieces are easy to separate, some actually falling off on their on with minimal pressure. The cuts are crisp and clean, no tearing up your pieces just to get them off the support frames. Everything fits together perfectly and the online assembly instructions are concise and accurate. Can’t recommend this kit highly enough. First time shopping with Deathray Designs, but won’t be my last.

  2. Jim Klein Verified Owner

    Awesome set, definitely worth the investment!

  3. michael.b.dangelo Verified Owner

    Fantastic product! Amazing value! I’ve coveted a Zone Mortalis board for years, but dislike the price and lack of flexibility. This set looks great and has complete flexibility. Love it!

  4. WDrake3 Verified Owner

    AH-MAZING! This stuff is so cool! It truly adds a much needed element to the Zone Mortalis games. The quality of these pieces is incredible. Customer service is second to none. I look forward to whatever is next.

  5. James Kyte Verified Owner

    I had seen a review/preview of Deadbolt’s Derelict on Guerilla Miniature Games which piqued my interest. I ordered a set, and after a period of time I got my package. I wasted no time in getting started putting the pieces together. Time consuming, yes, but super easy. Within a day I had most of it built, and had started the paint process on one each of the three different pieces. Again, super easy. I am super happy with my purchase. Very well engineered, very nice designs. A bit of advise, and this has nothing to do with the product or design. I’m assuming due to handling by the post office, a lot of the small pieces broke free, and when I pulled the shrink wrap off, a deluge or parts went spilling all over the table and onto the floor. I found everything, but would recommend opening the package over a big enough box to contain the parts that may have come loose. Can’t wait to see if they produce other types of pieces to go with this set.

  6. Gareth hutton Verified Owner

    Goes together and is removed from the sprue easily, great detail and the scale is perfect

  7. Robert Verified Owner

    This set looks absolutely amazing, delivered all the way to Australia completely undamaged. Can’t wait to put it together, but judging by the instructions, it looks very simple to construct.

  8. Steve Verified Owner

    Fantastic addition to my necromunda games. The kit is extremely well designed and made of good quality material. Instructions are simple and clear. Had mine delivered to the UK within 4 weeks of ordering it. Can’t recommend it highly enough.
    Looking forward to the doors and hatches add on which were shown recently. I will definitely be buying those when they are released.

  9. Rand Boyd Verified Owner

    Great product, much better than the other ones out there right now. A bit time consuming to put together due to the many small corner pieces, but they look very nice once completed. One suggestion, it would have been nice to have single duct wall for more flexibility.

  10. jnick2365 Verified Owner

    This set is “AWESOME”. Very easy to put together. The one thing I would like to see added to the set is an actual “SINGLE DOOR “. the door set has a double section with a door, but a single door section would be great. I’m Very, Very, Extremely satisfied with my purchase.

  11. Tony Spino

    Fantastic upgrade to the game board, it really elevates the experience. The doors are great too, make sure you get a set of those as well. I can’t wait for expansions.

  12. Roger Range

    I picked up this set (along with the door expansion set) at Adepticon 2018, and I love it! Highly recommended! The design is brilliant and assembly is simple and straightforward, but I do recommend paying close attention to the instructions and to which pieces go where, as it is pretty easy to swap similar looking pieces if you’re not paying close attention to details (I recommend assembling with good, strong wood glue that dries in minutes over superglue that dries instantly for this reason, having tried both). The assembled walls look fantastic and fit the theme extremely well. We’ve been using them for Necromunda on the 2D Zone Mortalis tiles, and they add so much to the games, not just for the depth, feel, and flavor of the games, but they have also helped a great deal with game play, clearly defining line-of-sight in a way that can not be achieved on a normally 2D board. Fantastic product!

  13. Jonathan Verified Owner

    As soon as I saw this set I knew I had to have it for my games of Necromunda/40k/Zone Mortalis. Wonderful set to put together, clear instructions and easy fit.
    There are a lot of parts to deal with, I’d recommend building in a production line method, working on one type of section and over several sittings. But truthfully I enjoyed the process because of how well these are designed.
    Shipping was painful to the Uk, but that’s on the postal services’ heads not Death-Ray Designs and my package arrived safely and undamaged.
    My set was built shortly after it arrived, I’ve jsut started to work on adding a lot of texture to it for a really rusty/grimy look when I get to the painting stage.
    Couldn’t be happier with my purchase 🙂

  14. egruiz Verified Owner

    Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!

    Even though with shipping it was a bit more expensive, it is still well worth the price. Assembly was straight forward, and easy, except for one tiny piece. Sometimes, the center bit of the “X” on the walls doesn’t want to slide into place. After a bit of experimentation, I found that cutting a tiny bevel with a hobby knife on the backside edges that butt up against the arms of the X helps a lot (4 edges cut). I am saving up for 2 of the expansion door sets, because once you get the bundle assembled, you won’t want to “settle” with using the Necromunda boxed set doors. This bundle is just too cool!

  15. Christopher Park Verified Owner

    I love this set am nearly done with assembly and will soon be painting it!!! Only negative in my opinion was that the pipes between the rooms have amazing detail but there was no hole in the wall to be able to see through I marked it using the detailed ring and used a dremal to cut out the holes looks a lot better but still 5 Stars amazing detail and really easy to build.

  16. Scott Radom Verified Owner

    Great product, assembles easy! Great value.

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