Deadbolt’s Derelict: Door Set

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“Abandon All Hope…”

The Deadbolt’s Derelict: Door Bundle include parts to build the following:

  • 5 Wide Door Walls (1.3″ x 3.7″ x 2.75″)
  • 2 Narrow Door Walls (1.3″ x 3.7″ x 2.75″)

This bundle is a new set of removable doors for Deadbolt’s Derelict, great for Necromunda, Warhammer 40k, This is Not a Test and just about any other sci-fi tabletop.  These doors are sized to fit the Games Workshop Necromunda: Underhive Tile sets and contains enough doors to set up any of the scenarios maps from the base game when used with the base Deadbolt’s Derelict Corridor bundle.

These models come unassembled and unpainted. Normal hobby tools and superglue or white glue are required for assembly. For best results we recommend Rust-Oleum brand flat black enamel primer for coating before painting.  Miniatures and Necromunda: Underhive Tiles are not included.


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Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 11.8 × 5.85 × 1 in

2 reviews for Deadbolt’s Derelict: Door Set

  1. Roger Range

    I bought the door set along with the Corridors Bundle at Adepticon 2018. I hesitated at first, because it seemed a bit unnecessary when you could just use the plastic bulkheads that come in the Necromunda game with the Corridors set (which you can), but after having assembled and used the doors in a few games, I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with them, and I’m glad that I splurged! The doors are brilliantly designed, and as easy to assemble as the rest of the Corridor pieces, and they just look so much better on the table than the plastic doors. They add a great deal to the feel of our games, making the board seem even more tight and confined (which is exactly what you want in this sort of game!). I do recommend picking out the tops of the doors in some way when painting them, as they fit in so well with the corridor walls that it is easy to forget which pieces are the doors at a quick glance. I highly recommend picking up the door set to go with your Corridors bundle!

  2. killershrike Verified Owner

    Ordered a couple of packs to supplement the original set of terrain. They arrived this week and put in their first appearance in a game today. Assembly was actually _easier_ than the standard long walls. They look great, work great. Highly recommended.

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