Death Mask: Squad Marks


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Death Mask stencils are precision-cut, flexible, transparent, and adhesive making them a superior solution for masking your model.

This pack includes

2x 5”x7” Stencil Sheets (as shown in the images)
1x 5”x7” Heraldry Builder Sheet (as shown in the images)
2x Wax paper worksheets

Pro Tip: Negative space on the stencil sheet can also be used as alternate stencils to maximize the use of this set.

Flexible: Wraps around curves, corners and detail letting you place your marks, patterns, and icons on almost any surface of your model.

Transparent: Death Mask stencils are a clear blue film which allows you to see exactly where you are placing it and the stencil itself for maximum precision.

Adhesive: Low tack stencils are a perfect solution for avoiding under-spray and having to hold the stencil with one hand while airbrushing with the other.

With proper care and gentle use, stencils can be used multiple times.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 0.05 in