Himmelheim Bundle: Modular Fantasy Terrain Set


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Welcome To Himmelheim

Himmelheim is a a modular set of fantasy Tutor ruins. Create a completely modular and immersive layout for all your favorite fantasy games.

While the kit does not come pre-colored currently, we have set up the parts sprues so that parts are grouped by the type of material they are supposed to represent making batch painting, even with just spray-paint, a breeze.  Small holes are also, punched at the corners of sheets that you will likely want to paint both sides of.  This makes it easy to hang sheets up and spray front and back at the same time instead of waiting for one side to dry before painting the other.

Get your today and have it on the table in no time.

This Himmelheim Bundle include parts to build the following:

  • 1x Tutor Wall
  • 1x Tutor Door Wall
  • 4x Tutor Ruins
  • 2x Sets of Stairs
  • 8x Fence Segments
  • 5x Crates
  • 1x Wagon
  • 1x Well
  • 1x Fountain w/ Stone (resin) Obelisk
  • 4x Stone Walls
  • 8x Long Stone Ruins
  • 4x Short Stone Ruins
  • 18x Corner Columns (connectors)
  • Variety of Ruined Floors and Gang-planks

This bundle is a boatload of terrain, great for Warcry, Mordheim, Warhammer AoS, and just about any other fantasy tabletop.  These walls are sized to fit the Games Workshop Warcry sets and contains enough pieces to set up any of the scenarios maps from the base game.

These models come unassembled and unpainted. Normal hobby tools and superglue or white glue are required for assembly. For best results we recommend Rust-Oleum brand flat black enamel primer for coating before painting.  Mats, miniatures and any terrain not listed above are not included.


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Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 11.8 × 11.8 × 2.5 in