IN-City Industrial: Sector Pack


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Normally a $122 value.

This kit comes with enough parts to build:

  • 3x IN-City Industrial Single Pod
  • 1x IN-City Industrial Double Pod
  • 1x IN-City Industrial Observation Platform
  • 1x IN-City Industrial Power Station
  • 16x 2-inch-wide street barricades
  • 1x Set of Climber Pegs (4x 25mm, 4x 30mm, 2x 40mm)

Single Pods can stack with each other or with Double pods to make taller structures.

Power Station kit can be built as a single power station or you can use alternate parts and more kits to make a series of linked power stations for bigger installations.

These model comes unassembled and unpainted.  Normal hobby tools and superglue are required for assembly.

For best results we recommend Rust-Oleum brand filler primer for coating before painting.

(miniature photographed with pods not included)

Additional information

Weight 62 oz
Dimensions 11.8 × 5.85 × 2 in