IN-City Streets Base Inserts (Beveled) (Skirmish Sizes)


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These Bases Inserts are precisely cut from a high-quality, paintable 1.5mm acrylic. This thicker material gives more depth to your bases with interesting 3D forms.  The inserts are packaged in a snap-close DVD case for easy, labeled storage between projects.  With 51 inserts in a variety of sizes and designs you’ll have loads of great looking bases to make your whole army really pop!

Sizing: !Very Important! Not all bases are created equal.  25mm bases made by one company and 25mm bases made by another may have different diameters at the top.  Please check the list of actual measurements next to each base size below and check your bases to see if they will fit.  If you have any issues of question, send us a message here and we will make sure you get the right ones for your bases.

Each set contains the following:

  • 28x 25mm bevel base inserts (23.4mm)
  • 15x 40mm bevel base inserts (38.3mm)
  • 8x 55mm bevel base inserts (53.6mm)

Using Our Base Inserts You can paint them already glued to the base or still in the sheet for easy bulk jobs.  Paint them just like you paint your models with spray primer and normal acrylic paints.  We do caution against excessive use of washes. When attaching inserts to bases and models to the assembled bases we recommend using superglue.  For pewter models, it is best to pin them through the card insert to the plastic base underneath to ensure a strong permanent bond.  If pinning, you may wish to remove a small circle of the insert with a hobby knife before drilling to avoid an possible frayed edges.   The bases shown are not included.  Only the textured inserts are included in this package.


Q: Why are some of your base sets less expensive than others that include the same number and size of insets?

A: We base pricing on actual cut time and materials.  Designs with fewer lines and shorter cuts take less time and thus are less expensive.  Instead of pricing everything the same to cover the most expensive products, we would rather pass the saving on to you where we can.


Additional information

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