Infantry Support Asset Box


This set contains:

  • 40x Standard Infantry
  • 8x Rifle/ HMG Infantry
  • 8x Anti-Tank/ SRM Infantry
  • 8x Recon Spotter Infantry
  • 4x Engineer/ Minesweeper Infantry
  • 2x Bunkers
  • 2x Turrets with Standard Weapon Slots
  • 2x Weapon Sprues (for the turrets)
  • 12x 40mm 2-Layer Infantry bases (5 punchout recesses each)
  • 2x 60mm Bunker Bases
  • 4x Mine Drone Tokens

Build your Infantry outpost to suit your battle tactics. Deny your opponent territory with mine drones, hamper their offensive with suppressive fire, or take out would-be scouts that get too close with s barrage of missile launchers.

Assembly Suggestion: Each Base should have 3 standard infantry and 2 specialist troops to denote the unit type. If you do this, you’ll have enough in this box to build up to 4 of any given type.

Rules Note: Current rules allow for 0-1 Infantry Outpost Support Asset in your army.

Full rules are included in Steel Rift: Burning Horizons

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This model and its components are high detail 3D printed resin. Each model supplied unpainted. Basic hobby tools and super glue required. Made for Steel Rift, but also perfect for other 6-10mm Sci-Fi games.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 2 in