Marduk Hollows: Sign Pack


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This beautiful set of Marduk Hollows signs for Gangs of the Undercity is a must have to dress up your buildings and make it really come to life

This sign set includes:

  • 1x Unimart Rail
  • 1x Unimart Hanger
  • 1x Metro Hanger
  • 1x CrowBar Rail
  • 1x CrowBar Hanger
  • 1x Fragging Unicorn Hanger

The special fluorescent acrylic catches ambient light and looks like miniature glowing neon. These sign is great for adding a splash of bright color to your table.  Ones marked as “hangers” will hook into any of the standard mounting slots, while the ones marked as “rail” will fit into the slots for any of the standard rails.

Signs may come packaged with a removable protective film covering them.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 5.8 × 5.8 × .38 in


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