Nose Art: Shark Mouth


This 3″ x 4″ sheet of waterslide decals includes a variety of styles, shapes and sizes of the classic shark mouth art used by many a fighter pilot to accent their aircraft. Great for Steel Rift and other 6mm mechs as well as smaller vehicles like motorcycles, hover-bikes, and some power armor in 28-32mm scale games.

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We recommend trimming the decal close to the perimeter of the design you wish to use. Some white areas are hard to see against the light blue backer. Use a light at an angle to see these areas easier. Soak trimmed decal in water and slide off backer paper after 20-40 seconds and apply it to a surface that has been treated with a gloss varnish. The use of MicroSol and MicroSet (not a Death Ray Designs product) are also recommended for helping with adhesion and to conform to complex surfaces. A final coat of varnish after application is also recommended for durability.

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