Steel Rift Core Rulebook


The current expanded rules are now in print.  Pick up this 34 page rulesbook to play hard-hitting games of mech combat.

Rulebook includes lore and rules for:

  • HE-V configuration and list building
  • Basic gameplay with HE-Vs
  • Faction building
  • Team tactics
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In the near future, in the wake of crippling solar flares, the remnants of humanity fight for resources, order, and sometimes glory.

Steel Rift is a fast paced skirmish game featuring highly configurable mechs called HE-Vs. Played on a 3’ x 3’ table, it’s easy to set up almost anywhere.

Get the Lay of the Land

The Steel Rift: Core Rulebook is your ticket to the battlefield of the future.

Customize your HE-V loadouts and hit the enemy hard in a fast-paced game of mechanized combat.

Written and developed by the writer of Last Days and Gamma Wolves, Ash Barker puts his passion for both apocalyptic and mech combat games on full display. With expansion to add more HE-V mechs, Campaign Modes, Faction-Building rules, and a variety of new Unit Types already in the works, you’ll have even more Steel Rift models, lore and rules to look forward to.

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