TechScape – Crystal Badlands Clusters


Spreading like a virus, these rapidly forming crystalline structures emerge with such violence that the very ground buckles and ruptures. The dense mineral lattice creates a treacherous landscape of plateaus, walls, and cluster fields that provide shockingly effective cover to the forces who battle across it, desperate to seize control of the remaining untainted land beyond.

This Techscape terrain set is designed for maximum playability, creating an easily diversified arrangement of line of sight blocking spires and walls, cover-granting low rifts and area terrain fields, and large glaciers with elevations rising in one inch increments, so you never have to measure or wonder about vertical movement during gameplay.

Crystal Badlands Custer Set Contains

  • 11x Badlands Crystal Clusters

28mm scale model for scale. Relatively scale agonistic and can easily be used for games 6-32mm scale.


This set of models is 3D printed using FDM PLA and are lightweight and durable.  Models come unpainted and may require some light cleanup during paint preparation. For best results we recommend coating models with 2-3 layers of filler primer, sanding after each, before applying color.  We use Rustoluem filler primer in our studio, but there are many others on the market that will also work very well.

We do not recommend leaving this type of 3D printed terrain in a hot car for a prolonged period as it can deform with prolonged extreme heat.

Models in diorama image not listed in the description are not included.

If you ever run into any issue with your prints we are always here to help.  Just drop us a line.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in