Terrain Takeout: Greeble Sampler


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    A greeble (/ˈɡriːbliː/ GREE-blee) sometimes called a nurnie is a detail added to the surface of a larger model or building that adds more complexity and visual interest.  

    The Greeble Sampler is our very first offering in what is sure to be a massive line over the coming months of detailed and inspiring bits and pieces for your scratch-build terrain projects. This inaugural set is packed with MDF, hardboard, acrylic, plastic and resin parts ready to kick your scratch-built terrain to the next level. 

    In this box you’ll find:

    • A variety of MDF strips, panels and plates
    • MDF Arcs 
    • MDF Detailing bits 
    • 3” and 6” Acrylic rods and tubes in various diameters
    • 12” of flexible ribbed plastic hose
    • MDF Flanges and rings to fit the acrylic rods and tubes
    • Multi-layer hardboard doors, windows, grates, and exhaust fans
    • Fine detail acrylic parts
    • Resin rivets, bolts heads, light fixtures, panels and keypads


    This set contains parts to modify and enhance your own terrain projects and does not contain a full building kit.  These parts are intended to supplement other hobby/craft materials in building your terrain.

    Additional information

    Weight 28 oz
    Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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