Vesta Firebase Patrol Bundle


Vesta Firebase: Patrol Bundle include parts to build the following:

  • 1x Size 2 Building
  • 3x Pill Box Augment 
  • 2x Building Extension 
  • 6x Vesta Double Buttress
  • 4x Vesta Single Buttress
  • 2x Vesta Single Door
  • 1x Vesta Hanger Door 
  • 4x Vesta Fortified Rail
  • 5x Round Vent
  • 1x Double Ladder
  • 3 Watch Towers (4″ x 4″ x 6″)
  • 1 Tactical Ops Center (9.5″ x 8″ x 2.5″)
  • 10 Barricades (2″ x .5″ x .75″)

DRD Patrol Bundles are designed to be compatible with 40K Combat Patrol (covers a 30” x 44” table). Our Patrol Bundles can also be doubled up or paired together to make a full-sized table for Warhammer 40K.


These models come unassembled and unpainted. Normal hobby tools and superglue or white glue are required for assembly. For best results we recommend Rust-Oleum brand flat black enamel paint for coating before painting.  Miniatures are not included.

Additional information

Weight 120 oz
Dimensions 11.8 × 11.8 × 3 in