Vesta Station: Bundle


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    The Vesta Station Bundle includes MDF parts to build the following:

    • 1x Size 2 Building
    • 3x Pill Box Augment 
    • 2x Building Extension 
    • 6x Vesta Double Buttress
    • 4x Vesta Single Buttress
    • 2x Vesta Single Door
    • 1x Vesta Hanger Door 
    • 4x Vesta Fortified Rail
    • 5x Round Vent
    • 1x Double Ladder

    Whether you are building a military outpost or adding to a Helipad bundle to make a killer traffic control tower, the Vesta Station bundle opens up tons of options for outfitting your table for a variety of games.

    Additional information

    Weight 79.2 oz
    Dimensions 11.8 × 11.8 × 1.4 in


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