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[Rapid Vanguard] Aerial

Photo Nov 09, 12 18 51 AM (1)
Stack these parts up so that the fins on the back line up and the engrave detail on the outside plates is facing out.
Photo Nov 09, 12 19 53 AM (1)
Slot the bottom pegs of the stack into the the first layer of the base.
Photo Nov 09, 12 19 39 AM (1)
Slot the cap down over the antenna on the top of the stack.
Photo Nov 09, 12 20 09 AM (1)
Slot each of the fin plates into the slots on the side of the stack. You may wish to press it against a flat object to ensure they are all lined up.
Photo Nov 09, 12 20 31 AM (1)
Options: There is the stand alone base shown above that will allow you to place your Aerial anywhere you like. The alternate base below is to permanently attach the aerial to the landing pad (not included).

Photo Nov 09, 12 20 43 AM (1)

Note: You may wish to paint your MDF and Card parts separately to make painting easier.  If you plan to do this, stop here until you have painted your parts.

Photo Nov 09, 12 20 56 AM (1)
Apply the detail card to the cap as shown above.
Photo Nov 09, 12 21 07 AM (1)
Apply detail to the side as shown above.
Photo Nov 09, 12 21 24 AM (1)
Your aerial is complete.

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