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In the near future, in the wake of crippling solar flares, the remnants of humanity fight for resources, order, and sometimes glory.

Steel Rift is a fast paced skirmish game featuring highly configurable mechs called HE-Vs.

Played on a 3’ x 3’ table, it’s easy to set up almost anywhere.

Get the Lay of the Land

The Steel Rift: Core Rulebook is your ticket to the battlefield of the future.

Customize your HE-V loadouts and hit the enemy hard in a fast-paced game of mechanized combat.

Written and developed by the writer of Last Days and Gamma Wolves, Ash Barker puts his passion for both apocalyptic and mech combat games on full display. With expansion to add more HE-V mechs, Campaign Modes, Faction-Building rules, and a variety of new Unit Types already in the works, you’ll have even more Steel Rift models, lore and rules to look forward to.

Building your company of HE-Vs starts with picking which chassis to bring. There are 4 weight classes: Ultra Heavy, Heavy, Medium, and Light. Companies are built based on tonnage with the smallest games being 100 tons and larger games being 200+ tons. Lighter chassis move fast to bring small arms into position at a moments notice while heavier chassis boast big guns and staying power.

Thousands of Configurations

A sly commander knows what weapons to bring to which fights. Customize your weapons and systems upgrades to fit your playstyle and battlefield needs.

While HE-V packs and starter boxes come with a variety of weapon and arm options, you can always pick up extra weapons, arms, and HE-V chassis for custom modeling projects, to have more arms for magnetization, or kit-bash with other model ranges to make something unique.

Setting the Table

Armies are built, strategies are set, and now it’s time to choose the location for your battle. The struggles in the world of Steel Rift happen everywhere you could imagine. From cities to farmlands and lunar valleys to the asteroid belt.

We currently offer the Skyline City Set as a quick-start urban bundle to get you going with a selection of buildings and ruins. This set includes enough options to fulfill the required 8 pieces of terrain needed for the standard board setup.

We also offer a set of FDM 3D-printable STL files for the Hex City: Industrial set with more options for 3D printable terrain imminently on the way.