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Strider’s Landing Fort Gate Instructions

Gather these parts for the door frame

Glue the spacer rails into the end plates as shown

Glue the door frame plates into the end plates as shown

Glue the top plates and bottom plate onto the previous construct

Glue the buttress rails in place on each side as shown

Gather these parts for the door insert

Glue the 2 plates of the core of the door together with the details facing out on both sides

Glue the rails into the slots on either side of the door core

Glue the detail plate on top of the door core on both sides between the raised parts as shown

Glue top plate on the door insert

Glue the contact plates (“U”-shaped) inside the door core as shown

Gather these parts for the ramp plates

Glue the discs on SMALLER on the inside and LARGER on the outside

Glue the larger catch plate with the stars into the slot on the ramp with the matching star.  Press it all the way in place.  It is sitting up to show the stars in the photo.

Glue smaller catch plate onto the other side as shown

Glue all the reinforcement ribs in the slots as shown

DO NOT USE ANY GLUE on the remaining steps. You are simply putting together the final parts. Do not glue these in place if you want them to move.

Set the ramps in place hooked into the buttress rails

Ramp pegs should fit so that the smaller discs sit on the dips in the buttresses

Insert the door into the top of the frame and it should make the ramps lever up into place

You’re all done!

Prime with Rust-o-leum Profesional Enamel flat black and paint as normal with hobby paints.